Flash Fraction Addition Cognitive Tutor

The demo on this page is a rule-based cognitive tutor built with the Cognitive Tutor Authoring Tools (CTAT, see http://ctat.pact.cs.cmu.edu) and the Jess programming language. We use it to illustrate how to configure a Jess tutor to run on the web. To restart the demo, simply click the reload button in your browser.

Files on the server

Web server

index.html FlashFractionAddition/ fractionAddition-as3.swf

Tutoring Service

[in CTAT Installation Directory] TutoringService.[exe|sh] FlashFractionAddition/ FinalBRDs/ FinalBRDs/1-3plus2-3.brd CognitiveModel/ CognitiveModel/wmeTypes.clp CognitiveModel/productionRules.pr CognitiveModel/1-3plu2-3.wme

In this example, a single server is hosting both the Tutoring Service (installed via the CTAT installer) and an Apache web server.


In the HTML for this page, flashvars specify where to find the files needed for the tutor, in addition to other settings:


(This path is relative to the Tutoring Service executable.)

The BRD file, 1-3plus2-3.brd, contains the following XML (a "tutorType" attribute) at the top of the file to indicate that the tutor should run in Cognitive Tutor (Jess) mode:

<stateGraph ... tutorType="Cognitive Tutor (Jess)">

You can add this text manually through a text editor or save your tutor from the authoring tools while in Cognitive Tutor (Jess) mode, which should have the same effect.

Files used in this example

All files in this example are installed with CTAT—see Projects/FlashFractionAddition in your CTAT installation directory. Note that the location of files and names of subdirectories have been changed for this example, as indicated on the left.