Online Feedback

Tutor definition: This letter-sequence pattern learning tutor was created by Xin Lu, Barbara Di Eugenio, Stellan Ohlsson, Andrew Corrigan-Halpern and Trina C. Kershaw for research on design of on-line feedback for instructional applications.

History: This project was started in fall 2002 and we started working from TDK, which is the previous version of CTAT. This is the first tutoring system we built with this authoring tool.

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How the interface was built and how the CTAT tools were used to build the tutor: The interface was built in CodeWarrior by adding Java Interface Widgets to the interface template. The working memory elements and the production rules are created by using the authoring tools.

What distinctive features this tutor has that not all tutors have: The tutor can give out three different kinds of feedbacks neutral feedback (just turn the input letters green or red to mean right or wrong), positive message feedback (feedback messages pop up when input is correct), & negative message feedback (feedback messages pop up when input is wrong).

How interface utilizes scaffolding (make easier for learners by make steps explicit for students instead of implicit) & differ from standard textbook notation: Adding a row into the interface, "identify chunks," gave the learners a workspace to mark out and evaluate their analysis steps.

Scale of delivery: This tutor was created as a baseline system for research on design of on-line feedback for instructional applications. We will implement a natural language generation module for generating on-line feedback and import it to this tutoring system.

Publications: Stellan Ohlsson, Andrew Corrigan-Halpern, Barbara Di Eugenio, Xin Lu, Michael Glass. Explanatory Content and Multi-Turn? Dialogues in Tutoring. 25th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, 2003, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

For more information about this project, please contact: Barbara Di Eugenio, Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, University of Illinois at Chicago. Telephone: 312-996-7566.