Last updated May 02, 2012

Flash Player security


Flash Player security prevents a local CTAT Flash tutor (SWF) from communicating with the behavior recorder, most likely when the SWF is opened by double-clicking it or dragging it into a web browser.


  • a Flash player dialog appears, stating that the "Flash Player has stopped a potentially unsafe operation"
  • the tutor's start state doesn't load, and the tutor does not work even though "CTAT for Flash" is running with a BRD opened


Use the Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager to allow the Flash tutor to communicate locally and with network locations.

  1. Open the Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager. The security settings manager you see embedded in the web page is the actual settings manager, not an image!
  2. Add the file path to the SWF or a directory containg the SWF to the list of trusted locations by selecting Add location... from the dropdown.

    In the example below, I've added my C:\ drive as a trusted location so that any SWF file on C:\ should be allowed to communicate with the behavior recorder.

Note: Repeat this configuration process on each computer you would like to open tutor SWF files on.

Another solution to this problem is to make sure that the "Local Playback Security" setting in your FLA file is set to "Access network only".