Configuring Flash for authoring tutors (CS6)

Last updated June 06, 2013

CTAT 3.0, CTAT 3.1, CTAT 3.2

The CTAT installation includes a set of Flash components for authoring tutors. To create student interfaces in Flash, install these components after you have installed CTAT.

Install CTAT Flash Components

The Adobe Extension Manager is required to install the CTAT Flash components. If you don't see the Extension Manager in your list of installed programs, download and install it.

  1. Start the Extension Manager:
    • In Windows, select Adobe Extension Manager from the Start menu.
    • In Mac OS X, double-click the Extension Manager icon in the Applications/Adobe Extension Manager folder.
  2. In the Extension Manager under "Products", ensure the version of Flash you will use to author tutors is selected (e.g., Flash CS6).
  3. Select File > Install Extension in the Extension Manager.
  4. Find and select one of the following files, located in the "Flash" folder of your CTAT installation directory:
    • CommComponentsAS3.mxp (recommended), for creating ActionScript 3.0 interfaces
    • Deprecated/CommComponents.mxp, for creating ActionScript 2.0 interfaces

    Which version should you use? The AS3 version has fewer components than the AS2 version, but it uses a more up-to-date scripting language and is more consistent between components. Support for the AS2 components will be discontinued at some point in the future as we focus our development efforts on AS3. You can compare the list of AS2 components and AS3 components.

    Note: You can install both versions of the components, but you can only use the ActionScript 3.0 version of the components in an AS 3.0 document, and the ActionScript 2.0 version of the components in an AS 2.0 document.

  5. Press Install.
  6. When prompted with the Extension Disclaimer, press Accept.
  7. Confirm that the components have installed successfully.
    • If you already have another version of the CTAT CommComponents installed, or another extension with the same name, the Extension Manager asks if you want to disable the one thatís already installed. Select Yes to replace the previous version with the new one.
    • If youíre asked if you would like to replace one or more existing files, select Yes to All to accept the newest version of the components.

These components should now be available from the Components panel in the Flash IDE after you create or open a Flash document.

Learn more about the CTAT Flash components on Flash components reference page. If you need components other than these to build your interface in Flash, please contact us.