Last modified: March 27, 2017 14:35.

About the Component

CommMediaMultipleSelection is a multimedia component that supports student problem-solving through multiple selection of answer items. Question media can be text, audio, image, or video; answer media can be text, audio, or image.

This component was created for tutoring in the languages, but its extensiblility makes it well-suited for tutoring in many domains.

Media Multiple Selection is also configurable via a spreadsheet. Using CTAT's 'mass production' feature, you can author a large set of Media Multiple Selection problems in a spreadsheet rather than authoring problems individually in the CTAT Behavior Recorder. This template-based approach is particularly useful for Media Multiple Selection tutors (as well as Jumble tutors), as evidenced by its use in both French and Chinese language LearnLab course development efforts.

Working with Media Multiple Selection

Configurable Parameters

NameDefault ValueDescription
Answer MediaaudioThe media type that the student selects in response to the question. Possible values are text, audio, or image.
Fit Shell to Componentfalsefalse or true. When true, commShell—the underlying component in all CTAT tutors that displays hints and error messages—will resize itself to match the layout generated by the Media Multiple Selection component.
Font FaceArialThe font face used throughout the Media Multiple Selection component.
Font Size (Answer)14The font size used for the answer text.
Font Size (Question)14The font size used for the question text.
Layout Orientationhorizontalhorizontal or vertical. The orientation of the answer items.
Media PathThe relative path from the HTML file to the media files (and BRD) used in the problems.
Number of Answers31-10. The maximum number of selectable answer items to display.
Question MediaaudioThe media type of the question prompt. Possible values are text, audio, image, or video.
Randomize Answerstruetrue or false. When true, the order of answer items will be random.
Treat Check As Donetruetrue or false. When true, a 'check' action that is a 'correct' action will be interpreted as if the student pressed a 'done' button. (If true, a separate 'done' button is not necessary for the student interface.)
Video PathThe relative path from the SWF file to the video file(s).